Innercore replaces traditional cloud providers, giving decentralized application developers an easy way to deploy and power their custom DApps throughout the decentralized internet.


Developers can easily deploy their custom DApps to the decentralized internet via our Gateway, whereafter their DApp will be powered by our network of decentralized computing resources.


The network of decentralized computing resources comprises a collective of globally distributed and independent humans running various types of hardware and operating systems.


Developer specified filtering criteria ensures only desired resource providers and specific types of devices are eligible to power their DApps.


ERC20 tokens power our micro economy and streamline payments between developers and resource providers.

Our goal is to make deploying and powering decentralized applications as easy as deploying and powering centralized applications.

Evolving from Centralized to Decentralized

Backend infrastructure is changing. Decentralized app developers can no longer push their software to a single server instance in the cloud. Instead, a large number of independent individuals must provide decentralized computing resources to applications in parallel. We help developers get their applications in the hands of resource providers who then power the app in a decentralized manner, effectively deploying and powering the app throughout the decentralized internet.

Tokenized Economics

Resource providers are compensated in native DApp tokens when their device performs tasks on behalf of the application. Additionally, they can claim these tokens easily through the Smart Exchange if the tokens support the Ethereum ERC20 standard.

1. Develop

The developer completes the DApp and packages it for distribution using traditional methods.

2. Enroll

The developer enrolls the DApp with Innercore and specifies desired computing resource criteria.

3. Deploy

Resource providers deploy the DApp and power it as a decentralized collective.

4. Pay

Resource providers are paid for their contributions by the developer.

Innercore's Gateway serves as a bridge between application developers and the decentralized internet. Developers publish their application through the Gateway, whereafter their application is powered by Innercore's network of decentralized computing resources. These resources are provided by a collective of independent and globally distributed individuals and their respective devices.

Decentralized Networks are Inherently Human

Unlike centralized networks, which are governed almost exclusively by technology, building a decentralized network is a different type of challenge.

Forming the thousands of human relationships necessary to create a robust network of decentralized computing resources is a huge task for developers. This is why we're building the network and pairing it with a platform that developers can tap into easily. We want to make deploying DApps in a decentralized manner as easy as deploying software to a centralized server.

Paving the Way for Resource Providers

Low Barriers to Entry

Anyone with a device capable of running DApps can help advance the decentralized internet by becoming a resource provider. DApps run in the background of devices in a non-intrusive manner, so resource providers barely even know they're there.

Guaranteed Compensation

Mining Bitcoin is a risky proposition. It's possible Bitcoin miners will exert a great deal of effort and receive nothing. However, individuals who provide computing resources to DApps via Innercore are guaranteed to receive compensation commensurate with the time served powering each respective DApp, and possibly much more.

Decentralized Computing Resources Power More Than Blockchain


File Storage

CPU Processing

Futures Markets

Bandwidth Sharing

Distributed DBs

Shared Consensus

GPU Calculations

Live Streaming


Social Networking

& Many More...

Innercore's platform fuses traditional and decentralized components to create a pragmatic offering that serves the needs of tomorrow's decentralized applications.

The Core 5 Components

The above elements work in tandem to create a holistic offering for developers and resource providers. The Smart Exchange enables the programmatic transfer of ERC20 tokens. The Gateway connects developers to our network of decentralized computing resources. The decentralized payment proxy governs payments between developers and resource providers. Auditing ensures that resources are provided and paid for in legitimate manner. And Analytics reports usage and financials to developers and providers.

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