Introducing Innercore Protocols
empowering decentralized application developers
Welcome to Innercore. We help developers power their decentralized applications. To learn more about us, please visit our website.
Innercore's heritage extends back nearly 20 years. It was founded on the principle of empowering developers, and that remains core to our mission today.
In its inception in 1999, Innercore primarily focused on powering large-scale, centralized web applications. However, the internet has evolved greatly since then, and so too have the applications it powers. Traditional, centralized infrastructure is no longer sufficient in the context of tomorrow's applications, and thus new innovations in application infrastructure are required to keep pace.
It is our privilege to announce the development of a new platform that empowers decentralized application developers. The platform helps developers easily deploy and power their decentralized applications throughout the decentralized internet.
Developers publish their decentralized applications through our Gateway, whereafter the applications are powered by our decentralized network of computing resources. The resources are provided by independent individuals and their respective devices in a truly decentralized manner.
Deploying applications through our platform is simple, and requires minimal work by developers. Developers publish their existing binaries with minimal modifications through our Gateway, and we take care of the rest. At any time, developers can monitor the quantity and geographic locations of the computing resources being provided.
Developers compensate those providing computing resources using our token (CORES). The tokens are deposited into a decentralized payment proxy in advance of resources being provided, and are then incrementally withdrawn from by resource providers.
Established applications can use our platform to sustain or expand the size of their computing resource pool on-demand, and new applications can get their foot in the door, ensuring their application will be successfully deployed and powered throughout the decentralized internet.
Ultimately, our mission is to make it as easy for developers to power their decentralized applications as it is to power their centralized applications. We think this is a worthy endeavor, and we hope you agree.
To learn more about our service, please visit our website at A whitepaper is available which describes our offerings and token fundamentals in much greater detail.