The Problem We Solve
Welcome to Innercore. We help developers power their decentralized applications. To learn more about us, please visit our website.
Once upon a time, websites ruled the internet.
Thousands of web hosting companies popped up and provided a way for creators to publish their content. Each hosting service had its own twist, but they all shared something in common -- centralization. Creators uploaded their content to a single server and magically it was available to the world.
Over time, more advanced methods of publishing evolved. Single servers turned into multiple servers and servers turned into cloud instances. Still, the notion of centralization applied.
However, as systems continue to evolve, a new question comes into play.
What about Blockchain?
If a developer wants to create a new blockchain or decentralized application like Bitcoin, how do they host it? Ultimately, the goal is for tens of thousands of independent miners to run the app. But, getting there is a huge challenge.
Developers can reach out to the general public and try to convince them to serve as miners. But that's a huge chore and there's no guarantee it will work.
And, developers can self-host the app by putting it on cloud instances and effectively mine it themselves. But that's not ideal, as centralized cloud instances are a poor proxy for a truly decentralized, globally distributed set of miners, which is the desired hosting environment for blockchain and decentralized applications.
There needs to be a way for developers to purchase the services of miners in the same way that developers purchase hosting services from cloud providers.
That is why we are building Innercore.
With a few clicks and a few of our tokens, developers can hire miners to power their decentralized applications. The applications are automatically deployed by miners and Innercore monitors and reports on mining activity, ensuring miners are acting in the best interest of developers. The miners themselves are 100% independent individuals, each in control of their own personal devices which power the applications. This enables developers to effectively purchase decentralized computing resources for their decentralized applications in a way that feels similar to traditional cloud hosting. Except, this time, it's designed specifically for Blockchain.
If you have a decentralized application and need a simple way to deploy it in a decentralized manner, please reach out to us and we'll share more about our services.