Application deployment and hosting must change. We must account for how decentralized applications are powered differently than their centralized counterparts.

Centralized hosting has evolved into decentralized mining.

Centralized apps are deployed to a single server instance or a set of server instances, all directly owned or operated by the developer.

Decentralized apps are deployed to a large number of personal devices owned by independent and unrelated individuals who are willing to power applications. The devices work as a collective and provide decentralized computing resources to the application.

We are building a network of decentralized computing resources independently provided by humans and their respective devices.

Decentralization is powered by technology placed in the hands of humans.

These humans make computing, storage, and other technical resources available to application developers. They exist everywhere, and their hardware powers decentralized applications of all types.

They are the backbone of the decentralized internet. Without their participation, decentralized applications could not exist.

Our platform allows developers to purchase decentralized computing resource from our human network, making it easy to deploy and power custom DApps throughout the decentralized internet.

We're solving a new problem in a way that feels familiar.

Single Gateway

Developers are accustomed to procuring centralized server instances from cloud providers. Our platform serves a similar purpose, providing developers a simple way to procure decentralized computing resources required to power their applications.

Cost for Computing

Developers are accustomed to paying cloud providers for server instances, usually based on a cost per time. Our platform allows developers to pay for decentralized computing resources in a similar manner, creating a simple way to purchase requisite resources.

And, we're focusing on new methods of powering apps in the context of the decentralized internet.

Humans Instead of Instances

Instead of deploying apps to centralized server instances, our platform allows developers to easily deploy DApps to a network of decentralized resources providers who, along with their devices, power DApps as a decentralized collective.

Tokenized Economies

In a centralized hosting environment, the developers pay the hosting company. However, in our case, developers primarily pay resource providers via a decentralized proxy in ERC20 tokens.

Ultimately, our mission is to make it as easy for developers to power their decentralized apps as it is to power their centralized apps.