Innercore replaces traditional cloud providers, giving decentralized application developers an easy way to deploy and power their custom DApps throughout the decentralized internet.

Instant programatic buying and selling of CORES through the Smart Exchange streamlines platform operations.

Smart Contract

The Smart Exchange is a Smart Contract running on the Ethereum blockchain.


ETH is used to purchase CORES, and ETH is received when CORES are sold.

Formulaic Pricing

Pricing is determined by the Bancor Forumas, and is expressed in CORES to ETH exchange ratios.

Utility Focused

Transactions occur instantly, minimizing any transactional burden on developers and resource providers.

A Single Gateway to the Vast Decentralized Universe

Our platform gives developers access to a network of decentralized computing resources located around the world. These resources, which are provided by a collective of independent humans and their respective devices, can directly power custom decentralized applications.

This streamlines the deployment of decentralized apps and allows developers to focus on what they do best -- develop.

Automatic Deployment

Once the developer publishes their custom DApp through the Gateway, it is deployed to and powered by our network of decentralized computing resources. The platform then ensures computing resources are provided within the constraints defined by the developer.

Efficient Market Based Pricing

Developers and resource providers establish prices at which they're willing to purchase and sell computing resources, expressed in CORES. This establishes a true market price for different classifications of apps and resource requirements, ensuring that the market works efficiently.

Payments to Resource Providers in CORES via the Decentralized Payment Proxy

Advanced Deposit

Payments to resource providers are made in CORES. CORES are preemptively deposited into the Decentralized Payment Proxy (which is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain) by developers. The deposits are required to guarantee the availability of funds to resources providers who power applications on behalf of the developer.

Releases On Demand

As resource providers power applications, they accrue a balance of CORES. At their request, accrued CORES may be withdrawn from the Decentralized Payment Proxy and transferred to their own respective Ethereum account.

Developer Specified Resource Selection Parameters






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Enforced Accountability Through Auditing

Ensuring resource providers are compensated in a manner directly commesurate with their actual contributions is of primary importance. There are several approaches to accomplish this

innercore assisted

innercore monitors resource providers remotely and confirms they are serving on behalf of the decentralized apps as expected.

developer assisted

developers embed mechanisms within their decentralized apps to ensure resource providers are performing the expected work.

provider assisted

resource provider collectives audit each other to uphold the quality of the provider community as a whole.

All approaches may be used in tandem to not only audit the resource providers, but also the developers, and the tracking system as a whole.

Performance Visualized Through Detailed Analytics






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Innercore is a Human Platform

Alongside the technical platform is our network of humans who provide decentralized computing resources to developers. Building the requisite technology is a prerequisite to a successful platform, but fostering a healthy network of resource providers is equally important.

We are committed to cultivating a robust ecosystem of resource providers, operating in tandem with developers to advance the decentralized internet.

You Are Part of the Platform As Well

Early adopters of our platform and services are critical to advance our vision and achieve our Mission. Financial support provided in the token sale supports the technological and human pillars of the platform.

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