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Our Token Sale is designed to be different.

Our Token Sale is designed to be different.

We are deliberately trying to keep it as small as possible, taking in only as much capital is necessary to launch our platform and attempt to reach profitability.

Participate Early to Receive Bonus CORES

August 15th


August 20th


August 25th


Bonus CORES will be sent upon the close of the Token Sale, along with the base tokens.

Refer Token Sale Participants and Receive Reward ETH

100,000+ CORES


1 million+ CORES


5 million+ CORES


Bonus percentages are cumulative, and the highest eligible tier will be used for all contributions. The appropriate percentage of referred ETH will be paid out at the end of a successful token sale.

CORES serve a utility function and streamline platform operations.

The Smart Exchange Enables Instant Programmatic Buying and Selling of CORES

After the Token Sale concludes, Innercore will launch an internal exchange called the Smart Exchange. This allows tokens to be traded instantly via a smart contract on Ethereum. External exchange integrations will begin shortly thereafter.

The value of CORES within the Smart Exchange is determined via the Bancor formula, which is a self adjusting algorithm designed to establish a true market price in a programmatic manner, based on demand for the token.

The token operates under the following principles:

Utility First

The primary purposes of CORES is to drive transactions between developers and resource providers.

Value Derived from Platform Activity

In large part, the value of CORES is derived from the amount of activity within the platform. The more activity, the higher the potential need for CORES.

Backed by the ETH "Gold" Standard

Whenever CORES are purchased through the Smart Exchange, the incoming ETH is held by the Smart Exchange and effectively backs the token. When CORES are sold through the Smart Exchange, ETH is then transferred back to sellers.

Rising Tides Raise All Boats

Due to the manner in which exchange rates function within the Smart Exchange, when the fiat price of ETH increases, the fiat price of CORES within the Smart Exchange increases proportionately.

Mathematically Constrained Supply

After the token sale, token supply is constrained mathematically through the programmatic algorithms used to determine price.

Core Burning

When CORES are sold through the Smart Exchange, they are immediately burned, reducing token supply.

Our Token Sale vs the Traditional ICO

The people behind Innercore have bootstrapped companies to profitability and have also raised funding through multiple rounds of venture capital. While money can be a blessing, it can also be a curse. We believe the best strategy for Innercore is to raise the minimum amount required to give the platform a chance to become naturally profitable. If we can achieve this milestone, we'll be in the most fiscally sound position possible and we will never be forced to raise more capital, nor will we have the need to waste excess capital on initiatives that are not core to the company's mission.

For additional information on the Token Sale and CORES in general, please read our white paper.

Innercore Whitepaper (updated March 26th, 2018)

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If you'd like to contribute to the token sale, please join the whitelist, so we can prepare for your contribution.

Due to the small nature of our Seed Coin Offering, space is limited and positions may fill up quickly.

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